The New Power of Memory

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Sharp recall skills have proven themselves key to future success, scientists have found. A look at what some call mental time travel.

Zan Chandler‘s insight:

A few excerpts from the article:

“What the scientists showed could have implications not just for those who suffer memory loss, like the elderly, but young adults and their ability to plan and socialize. The researchers are also following up what they’ve found by trying to see whether the ability to recall past events may be related to creativity and imagination.”

“The capacity to come up with detailed simulations appears to have many uses. It contributes to planning by modeling different possibilities without committing to them. Running through a number of scenarios hopefully leads us to a better option.”

“The capacity to simulate events in one’s head also carries potential downsides. It can lead to trouble if we don’t anticipate all the things that might happen or become overconfident that we have figured out what is going to happen.”

Significant insights for futures work.

Via the Wall Street Journal

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