Research | Strategic Thinking | Facilitation

I have provided advice and research insights in support of foresight, innovation and policy work. Past and present projects include:

  • Analysis of the performance of Canadian feature films on the international film festival circuit
  • Audience engagement case studies based on companies participating in a digital entertainment accelerator
  • Case studies exploring the use of participatory design research techniques
  • Stakeholder consultation strategy for program redesign
  • Future visioning workshops
  • Business development strategy for creative enterprises
  • Audience engagement strategy for content producers
  • Advice on engaging policy makers


I enjoy helping people gain new skills and knowledge and have facilitated and co-facilitated under a variety of circumstances including in large foresight workshops, large and small working sessions and intimate brainstorming groups.


Past and present clients include:

  • Design firms
  • Public arts funders
  • Public investor in the cultural industries
  • Entertainment industry accelerator
  • Online magazine publisher
  • Interdisciplinary arts collective
  • Chef with a deep commitment to diabetes advocacy
  • Film, TV and Webseries production companies and service organizations