New report highlights shifting trends in cinema

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Young people are going to the cinema less often while attendances by the older demographic are soaring– despite a lack of films aimed at mature audiences.

While the Australian box office is still dominated by US and UK blockbusters, collectively the earnings of the big films have declined because even they are experiencing shorter runs in cinemas. And digital projection and distribution is enabling distributors to release films far more widely than in the 35mm era.

Those are among the key findings of a new report, Cinema in Australia: An Industry Profile, part of Swinburne University’s research project Spreading Fictions: Distributing Stories in the Online Age.

Zan Chandler‘s insight:

“The report found the proportion of 14-24 year-olds going to the cinema, and the number of movies they see, have declined slightly in the 2000s.

Conversely, cinemagoing among older people has grown strongly and continuously since the dawn of the multiplex era in 1984. More than half (56%) of people aged 50-plus went to the movies, on average seven times each, in 2011.”

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