Hacking Hollywood: How Digital Insurgents Are Disrupting Film

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Powerful technological forces are at disrupting Hollywood. With the help of “hacker” filmmakers, the landscape will be up-ended in the coming years.

Zan Chandler‘s insight:

One constant in our world is that everything changes. Everything began somewhere and will end somewhere else. Some things change very quickly. Others take millennia to run their course. Seduced by how stable things appear to be in the short term, we wander around thinking that the world’s current state will continue into the future. Many great people, organizations and civilizations have fallen victim to this sort of thinking.

The major studios, networks and cable companies may hold the power today but eventually things will change, as all things change. Will today’s or tomorrow’s indie filmmakers be that driving force? Maybe, they seem to have the desire to change the system. Or will it be another player, perhaps someone quite unknown to us today?

Right now, today’s indie filmmakers and their hacker ethos are definitely disrupting things.

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