According to Andy Hines, the best foresight clients have 4 key characteristics.

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This question came up in a recent discussion with a professional colleague. Despite my hesitation to engage in a “best” discussion, let’s see, and take into account the appropriate cautions that “best” is in the eye of the …

Zan Chandler‘s insight:

I agree wholeheartedly about these key characteristics of “best” or ideal clients.

  • They respect you and your abilities.
  • They have thought carefully about what they want and why.
  • They challenge you, in a good way, by piquing your interests and inspiring you to grow in new directions. All this while continuing to respect you and your abilities.
  • They treat you as relationship material and not as a fast and cheap date.

I’ve experienced both this and its polar opposite recently. So these points stand in sharp relief in my mind. They apply to any client, in my mind, foresight or other. However, given the fuzziness around foresight work this is particularly true.

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