▶To all you Special Creative Snowflakes, you’re not that special

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The news has been full of reports about robots and automation, and how computers are better and faster at doing many of our jobs. IBM’s Watson is assisting doctors in diagnosis, robots build our cars, Google’s self-driving cars, etc.


Daniel Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, posits that work that demands human creativity will fair much better. His argument is that computers cannot replicate our innate ability to recognize patterns and generate novel ideas.


CGP Grey’s new video "Humans Need Not Apply" does a great job of pulling these threads together into a compelling story. However, at the 11 mins, 16 secs mark, he challenges the notion that the creatives will be immune to the effects of automation. Further supporting this idea, researchers at Rutgers University have created an algorithm that analyses painting to discover networks of influence. http://ow.ly/AArRP. We’ve been reading news articles written by bots for a while now too.


Maybe not today, but someday we may be sitting down to watch the latest production by a future iteration of IBM’s Watson computer.

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