Foresight Research | Innovation Facilitation


Zan Chandler is a foresight analyst and innovation facilitator with the Toronto-based strategic foresight and design firm, KerrSmith Design. Her background includes an unusual mix of training in strategic foresight, innovation, policy analysis, media production and linguistics as well as work experience with management consultants, provincial and federal government, as well as creative and cultural organizations.

While Zan has over 20 years experience in Canadian cultural sector, her core skills really lie in combining analytical and creative thinking. She brings systems and futures thinking to the definition of a problem or opportunity, identifies key insights, and helps to develop innovative human-centred solutions for the future. Her projects have touched a wide variety of sectors, including creative sector and economy, healthcare, manufacturing, post-secondary education, regulation of professionals and public policy. Her foresight work has touched multiple sectors including arts & culture, creative industries, professional regulation, post-secondary education and public transport. An accomplished facilitator, Zan has helped both large and small groups through innovation and futures workshops.

Zan is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, OCAD University and the CFC Media Lab. Her volunteer work has spanned alumni activities at UofT, Ryerson and OCADU, board positions on artist-run and cooperatives organizations, judging the works of emerging futurists with the Association of Professional Futurists, and peer-mentoring with Women in Communications and Technology.

Zan loves to travel and take photographs of bodies of water and architecture.